Saturday, 5 November 2011

Modding It

So, I've come to a rather exciting conclusion.
And by exciting, I mean, you know, write home and tell your parents or loved ones or dog.

Basically, my coverage of Skyrim is going to be covered in a few distinct sections, not-including the updates I post on this here beautiful blog. (Which will get a design at some point...honest).

1/ Let's Play Skyrim
2/ Mod Spotlight - Skyrim
3/ A Postcard From Skyrim
4/ Tips & Tricks or something.

So, let's break down what all of these mean shall we?

1/ Let's Play Skyrim...
Essentially what it says, a full playthrough, in all likelihood ranging in 100+ hours, of Skyrim. All with live commentary though if I have anything slightly original to say by the end then I'll be surprised. Hopefully show all that Skyrim has to offer.

2/ Mod Spotlight - Skyrim...
Spotlighting, highlighting and playing through the inevitable hoard of mods that appear for Skyrim. From texture packs to new races to entire new dungeons, I'll play through it all so you can get a view as to whether you'd be properly interested in the mod. This is going to be my headliner section, and hopefully the channel can be the go to place for things like this.

3/ A Postcard From Skyrim...
A new idea, pretty original (hopefully!). The idea is basically to showcase the more interesting and unusual aspects of Skyrim. Little things hidden in the environment that most people won't find, and how to get tere.

4/ Tips & Tricks or something...
Not sure where I'm going with this. Skyrim doesn't feel like a game that will ever need this kind of segment, but who knows? If I find something that I reckon people may need help on, this is where it'll go.

As always, I'm open to new ideas, criticisms and the like. It's all very exciting. The blog will hopefully be continually updated during the creation of the above ideas so you can get your daily Skyrim dose in both blog and video form. IT'S NOT A VLOG. God I hate that word.

As always, here is the Youtube channel. Chuck me some likes, comments, and even better a subscription if you want to keep up to date with all the Skyrim-ey goodness.


Friday, 4 November 2011

Let's Play Skyrim

Well, hello!
This is a series of blogs I'll be running at the end of every one of my Skyrim playing days. And that, my friends, is a lot of days. The blog will be inherently tied with my Youtube channel (At the end of this post), which will chronicle the day of Skyrim adventuring in video form.
Blog and Video, but please no mention of the word Vlog.

So stick around, follow me or whatever it is people do with blogs these days and you'll be able to read some early impressions of Skyrim, and some late impressions of Skyrim, as well as seeing it in action with live commentary! Pretty much perfect right?


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