Friday, 4 November 2011

Let's Play Skyrim

Well, hello!
This is a series of blogs I'll be running at the end of every one of my Skyrim playing days. And that, my friends, is a lot of days. The blog will be inherently tied with my Youtube channel (At the end of this post), which will chronicle the day of Skyrim adventuring in video form.
Blog and Video, but please no mention of the word Vlog.

So stick around, follow me or whatever it is people do with blogs these days and you'll be able to read some early impressions of Skyrim, and some late impressions of Skyrim, as well as seeing it in action with live commentary! Pretty much perfect right?


Youtube Channel :

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  1. Gonna do the same thing but I also write a bit in "narrator mode" as if it were a novel. Will add you on youtube later, my account is LordApocalypse7. Cheers!